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Have you ever worked retail?
Have you ever hated retail?
Have you ever hated your life because of retail?
Here is a book that feels your pain.
Aspiring writer Penn Reynard has just joined the ranks of America's fifteen million retail workers: fresh out of college with an English degree, he can't find a job anywhere except at the local big-box hardware store. Working returns, Penn experiences firsthand the often comical absurdity, chaos, and shenanigans of the retail world. At least he has a new romance with a coworker going for himif he doesn't screw it up. The constant pressures of dealing with hostile customers, oblivious coworkers, and overbearing management begin to take their toll on him, though, and as his desired career path threatens to fall out of reach, Penn struggles to break free of retail's clutches.

"Danker-Dake incorporates humor, emotion, and social commentary into his debut novel, which reads like the script for a smart comedy film . . . Here's to a sequel."
--Publishers Weekly

"I love it, I love it, I love it . . . Rare is the occasion when you read a book that thoroughly delights you . . . Danker-Dake is a dialogue genius. He keeps a hilarious running dialogue practically the entire book."
--The Kindle Book Review

"Be prepared to be seriously entertained . . . A must-read."
--Readers' Favorite

"Danker-Dake needs to get out of Tulsa and start writing sitcoms in Hollywood. His hilarious new book, The Retail, could easily be a hit TV series. The characters are really quirky, yet everyone knows someone just like these guys. The dialogue is razor-sharp and enormously entertaining."
--Jami Fullerton, Peggy Welch Chair in 
Integrated Marketing Communications, 
Oklahoma State University